Today, buyers and sellers have access to information that was once only attainable by a real estate broker/agent. As a buyer or a seller you might think “I can do this on my own, why should I hire a real estate agent?”

10 reasons to hire a professional agent:
  1. Education & Experience
  2. Neighborhood Knowledge
  3. Price Guidance
  4. Access to Up-to-Date Market Conditions
  5. Professional Networking
  6. Negotiation Skills & Confidentiality
  7. Handling Volumes of Paperwork
  8. Protecting Your Interest
  9. Answer Questions before and after Closing
  10. Established Long Term Contact for all your Real Estate Needs
Purchasing or selling a home involves some of the most complicated decisions you will ever make. And with today’s real estate prices can you really risk making a mistake? Do your homework and choose the right agent for you.
Vicki Hamilton

Vicki Hamilton



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