Moving Out Instructions

Dear Tenant,                                                                

You’re moving….NOW WHAT?!

We’re disappointed to see you go, but we want to make sure the transition is as smooth as possible.  To make sure that we’re all on the same page, here’s what you can expect during your final month:

Cleaning and Maintenance

We know that moving time is always a busy time, and you will have lots of things on your mind.  One of those things undoubtedly is how to get your deposit back promptly.  Of course we want to return your deposit, and it will be returned to you as long as you leave your place in the same condition you received it.

Most likely, the property was professionally cleaned before you moved in.  We are happy to provide the name and number of a cleaning person. If you chose to clean yourself we expect the following:

House Cleaning:

Enclosed is our house cleaning tips/checklist that you can use to make sure the home is thoroughly cleaned when you move-out.  Any items overlooked will be corrected and you will be charged for the cost through your security deposit.  If you would like to get a bid from a professional to take care of the job, here is the contract number for two housecleaners that we most commonly use.

Hillary’s House Cleaning:  760-415-6922       Dutch Touch:  760-603-0567


The paint on the walls should be sufficient to last at least three years from the time they were last painted.  No matter how long you have lived in the home you will be responsible for crayon or other marks, holes, stickers, missing or dented drywall, or any other damage done to the walls.  All holes should be patched so that one cannot tell there was ever a hole.  And here’s a hint regarding scuff marks – many can be removed with a Mr. Clean magic eraser.  There may, or may not be paint at the property.  If you touch up the paint the color/finish must match the rest of the home and the paint job must be even and completely cover any painting you did while living in the home.  Painting can sometimes be a little more complicated then you might think, so you may want to use a professional.

Please try to avoid nicking the paint in the halls and doorways as you move things out.


Upon vacating the property the carpets must be cleaned by a licensed professional.  If you arrange for it to be done, you must provide a receipt to your agent at move out in order to avoid any additional charges.  The receipt must state the date the carpets were cleaned (must be within a week of your move-out date) and also state which areas that were professionally cleaned, NOT the number of rooms.  RENTING YOUR OWN CARPET CLEANING MACHINE AND DOING IT YOURSELF IS NOT AN ACCEPTABLE ALTERNATIVE.  If you would like to get a bid from a professional to take care of the job, here are a couple of carpet cleaners we most commonly use:

Ultra Bright:  760-729-2490        Silver Olas:  760-967-2050

Flea Extermination:

If you have a pet, you are responsible for having the home exterminated for fleas, even if your pet does not have fleas or was on a program.  The reason for this is that we must be able to show proof the property is being conveyed to the next occupant free of fleas, and extermination is the only way to provide this guarantee.  THE FLEA EXTERMINATION MUST BE PERFORMED AFTER THE HOME IS ENTIRELY EMPTIED OF ALL OF YOUR BELONGINGS AND AFTER CARPET CLEANING.  For your safety and convenience, we recommend that you allow your agent to arrange for this after you move out and deduct the cost from your security deposit.  If you arrange for the extermination, you must provide a receipt to your agent at move out showing service was performed.  If you would like to get a bid from a professional to take care of the job, here are a couple of exterminators we most commonly use:
Gemini:  760-716-9034     Schaeffer & Sons:  760-917-0853
We will expect you to be completely moved out on or before on or before the date agreed upon in your notice to vacate.  After you have moved out, we will inspect your dwelling to check it for cleanliness and damage.  We will refund all deposits owed to you within 21 days thereafter.

Please note that until you have returned all your keys, garage door openers, and any appliance manuals provided,  you have not “officially” moved out and you are still liable for paying rent.  Make sure that you give us your keys as soon as you move out.

We hope this information helps you make your move out process as smooth as possible.  It has been our pleasure to serve you and we hope to be able to work with you again soon.


Vicki Hamilton
VH1 Realty

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