Property Management Companies differ in policies and procedures. We find it helpful to inform new tenants of our key policies to avoid confusion later. If you have a repair or maintenance problem during your residency, please review the following information before you contact VH1 Realty for assistance. It is important to evaluate the situation before you incur excessive costs if the issue could have been handled without professional services. It is important to remember that if a service call is a result of a tenant negligence, the repair will be the tenant’s responsibility, and will not be paid by the landlord or VH1 Realty.



Most garage doors include a sensor that stops the door from going up and/or down if an object or person is in the way. If you notice your door will not go up or down or stops mid-way, please be sure there is nothing blocking the sensor before you make a service call.


Ants are such persistent pests! No matter how clean you are, they will find you. We know this because we have them too! Unfortunately, getting rid of ants is a tenant responsibility. Here are a few suggestions that can help curb any invasions:

Grant’s Ant Stakes: They can be placed either inside or outside the home. They work best when placed close to an entry point into or out of the house – small holes in the stucco outside, and baseboards and electrical outlets inside are favorite places for ants to get into your home. You can buy them at the grocery store and use them over and over again.

Hire a Professional: Many of our tenants choose to hire a professional pest control company to handle their ant problem. We recommend North County Exterminators. They are friendly, reliable, efficient and effective and can be reached at 760-727-6500.


Your first step should be to protect your family from harm. Once you are sure of their safety, and if your safety will not be jeopardized, you should take steps to correct or lessen the effects of the emergency.

Other conditions, such as a dripping faucet, partial loss of electricity, inoperative appliances, toilet stoppage, loss of hot water for any reason, or a leak under the sink are not considered emergencies and should be handled through routine channels. Although not considered a real emergency, all leaks must be reported and addressed promptly by notifying our customer service department by phone.

While we attempt to keep listings up to date, property status and availability may change at any time.